A desktop application that can be used to compute static/dynamic caster, camber and roll centers while showing the results with an animated 3D model.

This started as a simple project to see what the dynamic effects would be if the suspension geometry was modified in one or more ways.

Turned out that many of the resulting positions could not be calculated directly because of the number interdependent variables.

Numerical methods were created that would quickly converge on a value with a very high degree of accuracy. For example the caster/camber are adjusted with shims in the upper control arm, but adjusting for either outcome affects the other.

Every question that was answered with computation lead to the next one and the next one until a full model was developed that could take the dynamic pitch and roll of a vehicle and calculated all the suspension characteristics in real-time.

Since the number of elements drawn was pretty low and no advanced 3D effects were used, the rendering was done straight to the display without the use of OpenGL or any other third-party libraries.

The application is written in Java using the swing components and was able to run on Linux, Windows, and an Apple laptop without any additional porting work.