I had been working with Sun and HP workstations for years when I got of my first Linux install, Slackware 0.99 pl 11 which I downloaded and dd'd to a dozen floppies to install on a 386 computer.

Needless to say, that I am extremely experienced with the Linux operating system and tools.

Of course there was a new version a couple of weeks later, and no automated updates. I have had Linux servers at home and in business ever since.

I have done a lot of Java development on Windows systems, but made the switch to running Linux on my desktop a couple of years ago. I still have a couple of Windows instances I can bring up in VirtualBox to run a couple of applications, or VNC into a couple of Windows servers, but I stay on Linux nearly all the time now.

I had one Linux server that ran for over 4 years, and would likely still be up if it didn't get cycled by accident.