Strategic technology consulting to help decide on an ideal development path taking business, time, and legacy constraints into account. Quality software requires proven processes to assure that the end product meets the near-term requirements and is also poised for the next step. Entraspan has a proven track record exceeding expectations and delivering forward thinking solutions since being founded in 1998.

When you deal with Entraspan, your deal directly with the principals. Our small size provides a consistent level of quality and direct access to knowledge so you don't get the hand-off to the second tier. Having created large software consulting businesses, we prefer to out-source or use strategic partners for larger projects.

Entraspan also has a large amount of intellectual property that can be brought in for cases that require quick out of the box functionality or we can scratch build anything required using our broad experience and expertise.

Well versed with a variety of software programming languages and software development platforms, Entraspan specializes in Java.

Chief Technology Officer Resume

A Chief Technology Office needs to bring a broad experience to the table of what is possible and practical to help the company determine a best course of action that is in line with near and far-term goals.

Java Based Cohesion Technology

Java Based Cohesion Technology

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Database Technologies

Experience with a large number of database products and types. Database selection is dependent on the type of data to store and the frequency of inserts, queries, and deletes.

Large E-Commerce Solutions

Experienced developer of large-scale e-commerce solutions with 100's of thousands of active products and all the background practices for acquisition, inventory, availability, and channel sales.

Industry Development Experience

Specific Industry Software Development Experience

San Diego Java Software Developer Opening

Java software developer Jobs in North San Diego.

Software Development Languages

Software development often requires multiple languages.

Computer Networking Applications

Commonly used networking application and development tools.

Open-Source Software Package Experience

Open-source software packages for stable software development can greatly improve performance and scalability.

Application Development Platforms

Multiple languages, operating systems, and development stacks.

Project Development Experience

Selected software development project experience across multiple platforms and topics.

Software Development Process Tools

A variety of software development tools are essential to producing software rapidly, consistently and with an overall higher quality.