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Project Development Experience - Distributed Real-Time Server Monitor

Computer Networking Applications - Pound Load Balancing and Traffic Routing

Software Development Languages - Advantages of Compiled vs Interpreted Languages

Custom Enterprise Java Software - Large E-Commerce Solutions

Custom Enterprise Java Software - Database Technologies

Industry Development Experience - Reservation System Design & Development

Industry Development Experience - Automotive Industry Experience

Software Development Languages - PHP Site Development

Large E-Commerce Solutions - Partner Integration for Inventory/Ordering

Large E-Commerce Solutions - Large Scale Online Commerce

Database Technologies - High-Performance Distributed Memory Cache

Open-Source Software Package Experience - Responsive Design With Bootstrap

Software Development Languages - Grails Application Framework

Software Development Process Tools - Apache Thrift for Client/Server Development

Software Development Process Tools - Maven Build Management

Java Based Cohesion Technology - Schema Code Generation

Java Based Cohesion Technology - Tight Database Coupling

Complex Business Rules
Simply Communicated